Since 2015 Susi Molotow makes professionally unprofessional DIY-Punk music. Since the beginning the equipment didn’t get much better – it’s as trashy as in those days – however, due to our yearlong experience we gained a phenomenal quantity of skills. Particularily we are faster! And faster is ALWAYS better!

No, we are not arrogant, only funny! haha
So far – so bad…

Why all this?

We shit on the society of majority and its norms and coercions, which are enforced on us partially with violence, partially unconsciously. We don’t agree with politicians, the state(s) and its judicial system, who deliberately decide what’s good and important for each one of us.
We want a Together, no competition and especially no “from above”!
No law can self-determine for us – this is something we have to do by ourselves! That means to define and communicate our personal boundaries and to respect those of others. But it also means to offensively cause the conditions to topple, to autonomously trample on categorizations and to disobey laws selfempowered.

With our music we want to express our rage about all this and to affix others to carry their anger outside!